Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

This illustration of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan has its history and symbolizes our new life! A month ago we moved from Russia to Italy. The fact is that when we moved to Italy, we landed at the airport of Milan, were insanely tired, because this flight was preceded by almost 2 days by train (preparing and moving stuff, various organizational things) permanent concentration. Finally we arrived in Milan and checked-in hotel (for one night) at late evening and rather than resting and sleeping in a comfortable bed, we decided to go for a walk to the center of Milan and this Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II inspired and fascinated me in a magical way, the fatigue immediately passed and being there I began to imagine how I draw this place… These thoughts made me happy and gave me strength! … And now, after a month, I drew everything I saw and was feeling in that wonderful evening. Keep up with the post by following me on Instagram here! Also please leave a comment about your favorite places and things about Milan and Italy!

Cheers, Irina


Hello Friends! I welcome beginning of the year, and as it is windy and cold outside, it is the best time for staying at home in a cosy sweater and recapping of some of my commissions of the 2016! 

Here is portrait composition of two little brothers.

Next we have bride and groom from Switzerland, captured in Paris, their favourite city, with Eiffel Tower on the background. This was commissioned as a gift for their wedding day.

This commission came from Italy. I love the way how her hair look.

Next we have another portrait. Marianne, the wife, commissioned this for her husband’s birthday.

Here is a casual composition captures all family together in their favorite park. 

Next is for fans of fashion illustration and cute little dogs. This was commissioned by Sabine for her website.

Look at that girl! Is’t she adorable?! This was a gift from best friend.

This is a favorite of mine. Kelsey commissioned this for her best friend’s birthday. Later I turned it to print.

Another portrait painting of beautiful woman and theatre actress, commissioned by her fans.

Next we have adorable brother and sister from London.

This is Bentley S1 continental fastback 1956. Yes, I do paint cars. Only beautiful vintage cars. Kidding, kidding…

Let’s continue with baby portraits.

Here is a gift to the beautiful girl from her friend.

Look at this dress. Yes, it’s Scarlett O’Hara’s dress. Katie commissioned this portrait of herself in this famous dress.

This again was a gift from a friend to the beautiful lady.

Well, let’s end with the below fantasy dogs’ portrait. I can’t wait you commission me to create you with your loved one, friend, sister, brother, baby, husband, wife, dogs in 2017!


Meet, Margit and Blair! For their Save the date they dreamt of an atmosphere of italian summer on lake Como, as it is a place of their coming wedding. To bring Margit and Blair’s idea to life, I collaborate with the couple to create a gorgeous and relaxed illustration. The portrait painted from a picture snapped during their summer holiday in Italy. I desperately love Italy and italian lifestyle, and who doesn’t? I also love couple’s summer mood. So this was the sweetest commission

And here is a little behind-the-scenes video of creative process. Enjoy watching! 

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Margaret and Andrew recently said “I do” on a beautiful November day at the Sugar Creek Country Club. I created this illustration of the couple for their save the date. Margaret worked with me to create a finished look. We started with choosing pose, clothes and colors. I then painted the portrait and created the high resolution file of the artwork, which Margaret used for printing the save the date. The portrait sat perfectly on top of the card! Original portrait was shipped to bride and groom for further framing in their home. The original even appeared at Margaret and Andrew’s wedding with the guest book! Congratulations you two!

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This happy couple recently celebrated their first Anniversary. Taylor, the husband, wrote into my etsy shop to inquire about creating wedding portrait as a surprise for his wife. He sent me some photos from their wedding day. We talked about a composition and how an illustration should look. Firstly I did sketch of the composition and sent it for Taylor’s approval. He loved it, so I finished original painting and shipped it to couple’s home in Florida.

To see a little behind the scenes of this commission and enjoy beautiful music, watch this video. To leave your comment, please go inside the post by clicking on its title.


I love fashion shows, because they brings so much creative energy. And as New York Fashion Week ended a week ago, it’s time to share with you some of my favorites from this fashion season!

Lovely exquisite curve construction with eye-catching earrings at Delpozo.

Silk and velvets dresses with flat knee-high boots made from canvas and leather at Victoria Beckham.

Optimistic, colorful floral vibes at Michael Kors Collection (which I loved the most, especcially accessories… , especcially cluthes with frill).

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Mykonos: A Mini Guide

Everything in Mykonos breathes with light. Riding around the island during the day, watching grayish and beige empty, dry rocky landscapes with desperately blue sea and listening only a wind, you enjoy amazingly freedom and relaxing atmosphere. Mykonos is so simple, so easy and chic and sublime at the same time. It’s not just because of white, blue and beige of surroundings, but because of way of life.

With the ending of the day color minimalism turns to soft shades of rose-gold. People watch the sunset and takes pictures at the Little Venice. After a little while this chilling romantic atmosphere gives way to scenes with multicultural crowd cruising on narrow streets from bar to bar, music gets louder and louder with final dancing on the tables past sunrise.

The sun comes up and brings quiet and freshness of the morning. I love Mykonos best of all exactly at this time of the day, when you can feel the island with its uniqueness. I enjoy visually capturing the essence of places where I traveled. Especially Mykonos, because it has great energy and I know that I will be going back there again and again. Here is The Mykonos Mini Guide captured by me through illustrations. Hope you will enjoy it.

Welcome to the Blog

Hi, I’m Irina, a lifestyle illustrator and artist. And this blog is tales of fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle through illustration art. 

I never knew that after graduation of economic university and work in the finance company for 7 years, illustration would be my real profession and true passion. My interest in drawing began at really young age. But it wasn’t a traditional path for the career. I was drawing all the time. I learned to walk holding pencil in my hand. I always dreamed about career in art and fashion, but I didn’t let myself to think that it is possible. 

Today I am working as a lifestyle and fashion illustrator with clients from many countries. Now I know that best advice is do what makes you happy, keep dreaming and dreams will come true. May you find something here to inspire you.

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