Hello Friends! I welcome beginning of the year, and as it is windy and cold outside, it is the best time for staying at home in a cosy sweater and recapping of some of my commissions of the 2016! 

Here is portrait composition of two little brothers.

Next we have bride and groom from Switzerland, captured in Paris, their favourite city, with Eiffel Tower on the background. This was commissioned as a gift for their wedding day.

This commission came from Italy. I love the way how her hair look.

Next we have another portrait. Marianne, the wife, commissioned this for her husband’s birthday.

Here is a casual composition captures all family together in their favorite park. 

Next is for fans of fashion illustration and cute little dogs. This was commissioned by Sabine for her website.

Look at that girl! Is’t she adorable?! This was a gift from best friend.

This is a favorite of mine. Kelsey commissioned this for her best friend’s birthday. Later I turned it to print.

Another portrait painting of beautiful woman and theatre actress, commissioned by her fans.

Next we have adorable brother and sister from London.

This is Bentley S1 continental fastback 1956. Yes, I do paint cars. Only beautiful vintage cars. Kidding, kidding…

Let’s continue with baby portraits.

Here is a gift to the beautiful girl from her friend.

Look at this dress. Yes, it’s Scarlett O’Hara’s dress. Katie commissioned this portrait of herself in this famous dress.

This again was a gift from a friend to the beautiful lady.

Well, let’s end with the below fantasy dogs’ portrait. I can’t wait you commission me to create you with your loved one, friend, sister, brother, baby, husband, wife, dogs in 2017!

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