Mykonos: A Mini Guide

Everything in Mykonos breathes with light. Riding around the island during the day, watching grayish and beige empty, dry rocky landscapes with desperately blue sea and listening only a wind, you enjoy amazingly freedom and relaxing atmosphere. Mykonos is so simple, so easy and chic and sublime at the same time. It’s not just because of white, blue and beige of surroundings, but because of way of life.

With the ending of the day color minimalism turns to soft shades of rose-gold. People watch the sunset and takes pictures at the Little Venice. After a little while this chilling romantic atmosphere gives way to scenes with multicultural crowd cruising on narrow streets from bar to bar, music gets louder and louder with final dancing on the tables past sunrise.

The sun comes up and brings quiet and freshness of the morning. I love Mykonos best of all exactly at this time of the day, when you can feel the island with its uniqueness. I enjoy visually capturing the essence of places where I traveled. Especially Mykonos, because it has great energy and I know that I will be going back there again and again. Here is The Mykonos Mini Guide captured by me through illustrations. Hope you will enjoy it.

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